I’m a music producer from Switzerland. I’m 39 years old and startet with the beat making thing back in 1996… but let me start from scratch; 1994-1996 I have been taking guitar lessons and on the computer i did harddisc-recording music that were more or less hearable. 1996 was the end of school and the beginning of my apprenticeship i seriously started with the beat making and made ​​my first steps with different equipment. A year later, i had the latest official Atari computer (Falcon 030 ). 1998 i sold it again due to my new source ( my apprenticeship ) and switched to PCs (Windows). At home it became too tight and too loud. So i needed a room of. The new room was to my happiness already fully lined up and acoustically perfect to do my music productions . The first official release i had in 2003 when i founded my own studio and had everything together . In 2003 i was the 1st Hip-Hop/Rap musician in Switzerland who dropped he’s EP as a free downloadable release on the Internet and had over 15’000 downloads in first month (as a nobody…). Then the requests came in and i was known a bit more then before. My list of the over 30 already published releases would be beyond the scope and probably bored most . The list can be viewed on my website too. In 2010, I got my biggest milestone (my producer album) „My Mental Property“ and completed a large chapter with it. After the album release i changed the Name from „Beatbone“ to simply „BONE“. I produced for national known and unknown Artists and i have also supported and pushed growing Artists. In January 2014 i became a member of EHW (Empty Handed Warriors) and a few later i became a TCF (The Chosen Few) member.